Hip hop, funk, soul, reggae, breaks and more…

Fill In The _ _ _ _ _

Artist: Kev Brown
Label: Re:Definition

Another dose of Kev Brown goodness on Re:Definition.

Side A:
Introduction To The Introduction
Better Handwriting
Tried Love?
A Bob Ross Moment
Wont Fall Doooooooooooown
Walkin The Gauntlet
Strictly Hardcore Bboy!
Thats It
Woodwind Masterpiece
Regardless (Chu Doin?)

Side B:
Cold Reign Part II
Camouflage Bucket Hats
Fill In The _ _ _ _ _
Later On
Still Raw (Aunt Pat)
Classy Theme Music
Inspiration For The Outside
Majestic Horizon

Single Vinyl LP £24.99 Sold Out

Yellow dude

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