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Advent Calendar Vol. 2

Artist: Various
Label: Yogocop Records

Brighton's Yogocop Records drop this deep compilation featuring a whole swarm of artist on limited double vinyl

Side A:
Concept of Thought, Benaddict - Such is Life (prod. Psalm Trees)
Vitamin G, Harvs le Toad, Louis Loan - Connect the Cone (prod. Mr Slipz)
NuphZed - Passionfruits (prod. NuphZed)
illiterate - Ode to Dingo (prod. Mr Slipz)
Louis Loan, Benaddict - Internal Monologue (prod. Psalm Trees)
Harvs le Toad, Sonny Mac, Louis Loan - Life Goes On (prod. Benaddict)
Benaddict - Advent Soy Boy (prod. Psalm Trees)

Side B:
Louis Loan, illiterate - Sea of Silk (prod. illiterate & imaginary friend)
NuphZed - Fickle Affection (Psalm Trees Extra Sadboi Remix)
illiterate - Colourblind (prod. Bo Bribery)
Benaddict - Kumbuya (prod. Psalm Trees)
Kemastry - Summer Ended Badly (prod. Bo Bribery & Melocat)
illiterate, NuphZed, Kemastry - Dancing in the Moonlight (prod. Mr Slipz)

Side C:
dereck d.a.c. - Lessons (prod. Harvs le Toad)
Vitamin G, Hutch - Essence (prod. Bo Bribery & Hank Hiller)
Kemastry - Half Mad Half Amazing (prod. George. B)
Bador - Rosé 2018 (prod. Bo Bribery & Hank Hiller)
CMPND, GAIJIN - Catch Reck 2 (prod. M.Kozi)
illiterate - Time (Tom Yum Remix)

Side D:
Emjam, Vitamin G, Hutch - DOB [YG Anthem] (prod. M.Kozi)
illiterate - Jackie (prod. Mr Slipz)
Wundrop - Don't Care (prod. Mr Slipz)
Harvs le Toad, Sigmund, NuphZed - Belly of the Clouds (prod. Bo Bribery)
Verbz, Luso, Allic - Never Knew (prod. Mr Slipz)
illiterate, Vitamin G, Kemastry, Bador, NuphZed, Budz - Dreebs (prod. Mr Slipz)

Double Vinyl Album £19.99

Yellow dude

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