Hip hop, funk, soul, reggae, breaks and more…

Escape Music

Artist: The Mouse Outfit
Label: HHV

Double vinyl pressing of The Mouse Outfit's excellent debut album. A splendid selection of jazz, funk, reggae and soul-influenced beats with guest appearances from Dr Syntax, Sparkz, Dubbul O, Fox, Kosyne, Black Josh, Truthos Mufasa, Lyricalligraphy and DJ Sammy B-Side.

Side A:
Every Single Time
Shak Out
Sit Back
Escape Music
Who Gwan Test

Side B:
We Ain't Goin' Nowhere
Got Me Thinkin'
Air Max
Stay With Me
Blaze It Up

Side C:
Over The Rocks
Know My Face
It's Gonna Be On
The Shaman

Side D:
Children Of The Stars
Raise Your Hands
Built In A Day
Never Get Enough

Double Vinyl Album £20.99 Sold Out

Yellow dude

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