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The Mouse Outfit - Remixed

Artist: The Mouse Outfit
Label: HHV

Limited edition double vinyl press featuring a slew of Mouse Outfit remixes.


Side A:
No Wonder feat Sparkz (Tall Black Guy Remix)
Built In A Day feat Fox + Sparkz (Werkha Remix)
Sit Back feat Truthos Mufasa + Black Josh (Sivey Remix)
Blaze It Up feat Sparkz (FloFilz Remix)

Side B:
Every Single Time feat Dr Syntax (Dirty Dike Remix)
Credits Roll feat Verb T- (Pete Cannon Remix)
Who Gwan Test feat Sparkz + Dubbul O (Mungo's Hi-Fi Remix)
Sip A Little Bit Of Rum feat Sparkz + Fox (Biome Remix)

Side C:
007 feat Fox, Sparkz, Tman + Jman (Dub Phizix Remix)
Wrap Another Zoot feat Fox (Bane+Nymad Remix)
Shak Out feat Sparkz (Benny Page Remix)

Side D:
Step Steadier feat Fox (DJ Vadim Remix)
007 feat Fox (Dub Phizix Dub Mix)
Sit Back (Sivey Remix Instrumental)
Double Vinyl Album £19.99

Yellow dude

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