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The X-Brain Yo-Yo Tape

Artist: Wundrop
Label: Yogocop Records

Wundrop outta Brighton's Team Dreebs with a full length solo set.

Comes in a card Wallet

Pipe Lines (Prod. Wundrop)
Pocket Fluff (Prod. Wundrop)
Maccy D Baby Boom feat. Kemasty (Prod. Wundrop)
Free Ned Bundy feat. Dingo (Skit)
Wun Killa (Prod. illiterate, cuts by Tom Yum)
Up Down South East feat. Ergoh & NuphZed (Prod. Wundrop, cuts by Tom Yum)
The Potion feat. Ash The Author (Prod. Wundrop)
STI's (Skit)
ANTFW (Prod. NuphZed)
The X-Brain Yo-Yo feat. Kemastry (Prod. Mr Slipz)
CD £4.99

Yellow dude

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